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David Barber visiting ARC in June-July

Prof Barber is a Arctic marine scientist with a focus on climate forcing of sea ice

Prof David Barber. Photo University of Manitoba.

Professor David Barber works at Centre for Earth Observation Science (CEOS) at the  University of Manitoba. CEOS is a partner in the Arctic Science Partnership (ASP) along with Greenland Institute of Natural Resources  and ARC.

During his stay in Denmark, Professor Barber will work to evolve the partnerships between Canada and Denmark through the ASP and develop closer collaborative ties with others working at ASP. Another objective is to evaluate how to move forward with international partnerships – currently, ASP has associated partners in Norway and Sweden, but the aim is to strengthen the collaboration with new partners, including other universities in Canada and Alfred-Wegener Institute in Germany.

Development of better mobility models for faculty, staff and students across the ASP network is also on the task list. Double or joint PhD degree collaboration between the ASP partners would open new opportunities for PhD students. Professor Barber would also like to develop strategies for joint funding of graduate programs between Canada and Denmark.


Back home, David Barber leads the development of large scale programs, such as


During his stay in Aarhus, Professor Barber hopes to meet with people and have time for discussion. You can find him at ARC (Ny Munkegade 114, building 1540).

He will also give a talk, “Climate forcing of sea ice” in Arctic Seminar Series on Thursday 9 June.