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Tue 29 Jun
12:30-13:30 | ARC, Ole Worms Allé 1, Building 1135, Meeting room 1135-412
ARC bi-weekly meeting
ARC group meeting on science and admin issues


2021.06.10 |

A cost-efficient low-weight autonomous profiler for measurements in polar coastal waters and other regions with strong density gradients

New publication by Lucas M. Sandby, Jens E.B. Mejdahl, Simon H. Bjerregaard, Claus Melvad, and Søren Rysgaard

2021.06.04 |

Gymnasieelever i hele Rigsfællesskabet får direkte adgang til bunker af grønlandske klimadata

Forskere har gennem 25 år indsamlet store mængder af data om klimaforandringerne i Grønland. Nu bliver de tilgængelige for gymnasieelever gennem virtuelle undervisningsforløb.

2021.06.03 |

Ocean Decade begins with a plan for ocean research in the Arctic

The world's oceans will receive special attention in the coming decade. UN launches UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development, 2021-2030. The Danish Center for Marine Research (DCMR), which has a secretariat at DTU Aqua, launches the decade with the contribution Artic Action Plan which will be published at the kick-off conference for…

2021.05.19 |

Small Scale Factors Modify Impacts of Temperature, Ice Scour and Waves and Drive Rocky Intertidal Community Structure in a Greenland Fjord

New publication by Mikael K. Sejr, Kim N. Mouritsen, Dorte Krause-Jensen, Birgit Olesen, Martin Emil Blicher and Jakob Thyrring


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Centre Director

Søren Rysgaard
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Torben Røjle Christensen
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Egon Randa Frandsen
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Anette Rasmussen
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Lise Lotte Sørensen
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Peter Schmidt Mikkelsen
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