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High School Project

Climate Change Teaching in Greenland

Climate Change Teaching in Greenland is targeted to high schools in Greenland. The project is funded by Nordplus Horizontal network and Nordregio.


Dorte Søgaard Schrøder

External VIP Department of Biology - Aquatic Biology

The aim of Climate Change Teaching in Greenland is to:

  • strengthen the Arctic youth’s interest in higher education through deepening of their basic education
  • strengthen the Arctic youth's understanding of the challenges and opportunities posed by globalization and climate change

The project consists of a row of courses for high school students from Greenland in combination with master courses in Nuuk, teacher workshops and online presentations by scientists and students.

The overall education strategy of the Arctic Research Centre is to ensure an interdisciplinary Arctic education at all levels and to ensure future generations knowledge and competences within Arctic science.

Photo: Lise Lotte Sørensen