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ARC offers students the opportunity to give their education a significant Arctic component. Many of the researchers connected to ARC act as supervisors for master and bachelor students as well as for PhD students. The ARC education team will create exceptional education program in the area of Arctic sciences through a coordinated approach (within the AU and ASP institutions) to course and curriculum development, creation of teaching resources, and designing of field schools. This will be done at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Another objective is to develop the necessary mechanisms to promote and facilitate graduate student exchanges between institutions, allowing students to take part in research at each location and further their learning. Faculty and teaching members will have an opportunity to instruct courses in their respective fields at the other institutions, allowing for an exchange of ideas not only at the research level, but also at the education level. ARC will deliver natural science education year round in Denmark and in the ASP teaching facilities in Greenland (in collaboration with the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources & Greenland University).

ARC aims to increase the public awareness in Denmark on science and education as well as conditions in the Arctic and Greenland in particular. The usual peer-reviewed contributions from our science will continue to document the research quality. In addition, important recipients of our knowledge will be local communities, northern resource sector industries, co-management bodies, governments and international bodies, such as the Arctic Council working groups, IPCC, IPCP, AMAP, UN.

List of people connected to this work package

Name Job title Unit Email Phone Building
Christensen, Peter Bondo Senior Researcher Department of Ecoscience - Marine Ecology pbc@ecos.au.dk +4522617949 1131, 532
Frandsen, Egon Randa Logistics Coordinator Arctic Research Centre erf@bio.au.dk +4541915661
Jensen, Bjarne Laboratory Technician Department of Environmental Science - Atmospheric Measurements bj@envs.au.dk +4587158509 7413, D1.45
Mikkelsen, Peter Schmidt Member of Administrative Staff Department of Biology - Aquatic Biology pemi@bio.au.dk +4593508392 1134, 224

Contact leader:

Lise Lotte Sørensen

Senior Researcher - Head of section Department of Environmental Science - Atmospheric Measurements