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2013.12.20 | Arctic Research Centre

New Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry

Senior Scientist Henrik Skov has been appointed Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry at the Department of Environmental Science and the Arctic Research Centre, Aarhus University. The professorship was established to strengthen research into the fate and impact of pollutants on the Arctic and globally.

2013.12.17 | Arctic Research Centre

Nyt initiativ skal styrke dansk forskning i Arktis

P1-interview med ARC Co-lead Jesper Madsen. Starts at 6:40.

2013.12.17 | Arctic Research Centre

Danmark skruer op for arktisk forskning

Nyt samarbejde mellem universiteterne skal styrke forskningen. I dag går viden tabt, mener forsker.

2013.12.17 | Arctic Research Centre

Arctic sea ice up from record low

Measurements from ESA’s CryoSat satellite show that the volume of Arctic sea ice has significantly increased this autumn.

2013.12.10 | Arctic Research Centre

An Arctic refugium under assault

Due to their special geographic circumstances, some places on earth are resistant to global warming. But a new study of an arctic refugium suggests its only a matter of time before climate change breaches the defenses. Cyrus Martin reports.

2013.12.05 | Arctic Research Centre

Six new fellows gain the opportunity to pursue their research interests at AIAS

After an extensive process of selection and external peer review, six new fellows have been granted a fellowship, and will be joining the Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies on 1 February in the spring semester of 2014.