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– Glaciers flowing into fjords release fresh water deep into the water column. The fresh water rises to the surface and thus drives deeper-lying nutrient-rich ocean water up to the phytoplankton in the upper water layers. This sustains a high production of fish. The photo shows a so-called ‘upwelling’ – the ice-free area near the glacier edge. (Photo: Lorenz Meire).
– Glaciers retreating on land release fresh water into the surface waters of the fjords. This prevents the water in the fjord from mixing and nutrients from the deeper-lying nutrient-rich water from reaching the phytoplankton in the upper water layers. This may lead to fewer fish, and researchers now warn that in the near future, many glaciers will retreat so far back that they end up on land. (Photo: Lorenz Meire).

2017.09.11 | Arctic Research Centre

Melting glaciers may reduce Greenland fishery

Glaciers that flow directly into the ocean provide additional nutrients to the surface water layer of fjords. This sustains a large fish stock. But when the glaciers melt and retreat on land, there is a great risk of a decline in fish stocks.

2017.09.04 | Arctic Research Centre

INTERACT Transnational Access Call is open for projects taking place between March 2018 and April 2019

The EU H2020 funded INTERACT opens a call for research groups to apply for Transnational Access to 43 research stations across the Arctic and northern alpine and forest areas in Europe, Russia and North-America.

2017.09.04 | Arctic Research Centre

Arctic Frontiers Science 2018 - Call for papers

The 12th Arctic Frontiers conference will be arranged in Tromsø, Norway from Sunday 21 January to Friday 26 January 2018. The title for the 2018 conference is Connecting the Arctic. Call for Papers closes on 19 September 2017.

2017.09.04 | Arctic Research Centre

Gletsjere er vitale for Grønlands fiskeri

Gletsjere, som smelter direkte ud i havet, supplerer fjorden med livsvigtige næringsstoffer, som er med til at opretholde nogle af Grønlands mest produktive hellefisk-fiskerier.