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A special issue on the 100th Anniversary of Institute of Oceanography, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology

New publication by L. Nguyen-Ngoc, H.V. Dao, L.C. Lund-Hansen, T.S. Vo and W.O. Smith Jr


The Institute of Oceanography is celebrating its 100th Anniversary in September 2022. Through years of research collaboration with a diverse group of Vietnamese and international institutions to study Vietnamese and global waters, the Institute has produced significant knowledge and understanding of regional oceanography and biological processes. Over the last century, the Institute has generated key understanding of the marine environment and its resources, and has made remarkable contributions to sustainable marine economic development and conservation of biodiversity and environmental integrity of the region. This special
issue presents a broad range of research on marine science in Vietnamese and adjacent waters. The topics include, but are not limited to, marine ecology/biology, aquaculture, conservation, geology, biodiversity, and oceanography.