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Arctic Science Study Programme - SPRING SEMESTER

Spend a semester in Greenland and give YOUR education an Arctic angle.

The five courses will give YOU a unique educational experience with connection to climate research and society in Greenland. YOU will be living in Nuuk during the courses in the centre of a multi-disciplinary research environment and a thriving Arctic society. YOU get first-hand access to master project opportunities in Arctic topics and a possibility to explore exceptional career opportunities in Greenland.

During the spring semester, Aarhus University teams up with the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources to offer a full semester on Arctic climate change. All courses are graduate level. To apply for the courses in the Arctic ‘Science Study Programme (ASSP), please complete the “Student Information” form on www.gcrc.gl/education (how to apply). After submitting the “Student Information” form you will receive an e-mail with details on how to proceed with registration for the courses and other practical information.