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Fulbright Arctic Initiative III – grants for interdisciplinary Arctic research

The Fulbright Arctic Initiative brings together professionals, practitioners, and researchers from the United States, Canada, The Kingdom of Denmark including Greenland and the Faroe Islands, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Russia and Sweden for group seminars and an individual exchange (minimum of 6 weeks) to address key research and policy questions related to fostering a secure and sustainable Arctic.

The three main thematic areas are:

·         Arctic Security and Cooperation

·         Arctic Infrastructure in a Changing Environment

·         Community Dimensions of Health

The Fulbright Arctic Initiative will provide a platform for scholars across the Arctic region to engage in collaborative thinking, analysis, problem-solving and multi-disciplinary research. We have had four citizens from the Danish Kingdom participate in the two first rounds of this Fulbright initiative.

A Fulbright Arctic Initiative grant is USD 40,000 and deadline is May 11. The grant will begin in Fall 2020 and run for 18 months, through Spring 2022. If you are interested, or know of somebody who might be, you can learn more about the grant here, including how to apply.

We hope you will help us spread this great opportunity to the right people and that you will feel free to contact us with any questions concerning this. 

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