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Introduction of Pelle Tejsner

Photo: Pelle Tejsner

Pelle Tejsner has just been appointed assistant professor for the humanities initiative within climate change studies at the Arts Section of the Arctic Research Centre. His research focuses on Greenland trappers’ adaptation strategies to climate change, nature and environmental management as well as the original people’s rights in connection with the upcoming oil and mineral exploration in Greenland and the Arctic.

Pelle Tejsner began his studies in anthropology of the North Program at the University of Aberdeen in 1999 and has recently completed his PhD thesis entitled "It is nowadays Windier': Coastal livelihoods and Changeable Weather in Qeqertarsuaq” (2012).

The work is based on one year’s field work in Qeqertarsuaq (Godhavn) from 2007-2008 and focuses on how local trappers will read and use sea ice in connection with the day-to-day harvest of fish and animals and how local observations of weather and climate change will be perceived among the town’s inhabitants.

In addition to articles and editorial obligations, Pelle has been consultant and author of the report "Last Ice Area" in cooperation with the WWF Denmark as well as co-author of the background paper “Efterforskning og udnyttelse af råstoffer i Grønland i historisk perspektiv”(DK) for the Committee for Greenlandic Mineral Resources to the Benefit of Society. Recently, Pelle has received a postdoc grant from the Danish Research Council for the project “Climate change and resource exploration in Greenland: a project on the impacts of climatic and economic changes in a traditional modern Greenlandic Inuit community".