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Summer school 2018: “Effects of climate change on Arctic livelihoods and living conditions”

Our Arctic Summer School, which took place I Greenland and Iceland in July 2018, was a big success.

The course was interdisciplinary for students from different disciplines and at different levels (bachelor, master and PhD). We were in total 23 student, teaching assistances and teachers at the summer school.

 Arctic Summer School 2018 videos.

The course was given jointly by University of Helsinki, Agricultural University of Iceland, University of Iceland, Aarhus University, Lund University, Estonian University of Life Sciences, University of Eastern Finland, University of Oulu, Technical University of Denmark, University of Greenland, and Greenland Climate Research Centre.

The students worked in project groups on topics related to climate change and the effect on local Arctic communities. The project work was based on lectures given online before the course and lectures given during the course. For the final evaluation the students made a small presentation of their project.

Here you can see one of the presentations.