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2020.11.20 | Arctic Research Centre

Towards a unifying pan-arctic perspective: A conceptual modelling toolkit

New publication by P. Wassmann, E.C. Carmack, B.A. Bluhm, C.M. Duarte J. Berge, K. Brown, fJ.M. Grebmeier J. Holding, K. Kosobokova, R. Kwok, P. Matrai, S. Agusti, M. Babin, U. Bhatt, H. Eicken, I. Polyakovo, S. Rysgaard, H.P. Huntington

2020.11.20 | Arctic Research Centre

Submit your photo now: The DNRF Photo Competition 2021 is open

Photos have the ability to unseal the world of science in a surprising and inviting way by its beauty or otherwise fascinating appeal. The DNRF would like to share with a broader audience how scientific discovery each day advances our knowledge of ourselves and the world we live in. We will do this by telling the stories of your scientific…

2020.11.16 | Arctic Research Centre

Heated rivalries: Phenological variation modifies competition for pollinators among arctic plants

New publication by Mikko Tiusanen, Tuomas Kankaanpää, Niels M. Schmidt, Tomas Roslin

2020.11.06 | Arctic Research Centre

KONG OSCAR FJORD - discovering North-East Greenland

New publication by Peter Schmidt Mikkelsen

2020.10.23 | Arctic Research Centre

Arktisk Forskningscenter (ARC) tager ny teknologi i brug i Nordøstgrønland

Samarbejdet mellem forskere og maskiningeniører fra Aarhus Universitet ledte i sommeren 2020 bl.a. til en ekspedition til Ella Ø i Nordøstgrønland. Se her hvad både forskerne og ingeniørerne har fået ud af samarbejdet.

2020.10.23 | Arctic Research Centre

Arktisk Forskningscenter laver robot, der kan måle saltindhold i Ishavet

Tre ingeniørstuderende fra Arktisk forskningscenter har sikret sig en plads i finalen til SDG Tech Award 2020 for en robot, der kan måle saltindhold i Ishavet.

2020.10.22 | Arctic Research Centre

Responses of surface SOC to long-term experimental warming vary between different heath types in the High Arctic tundra

New publication by Ji Young Jung, Anders Michelsen, Mincheol Kim, Sungjin Nam, Niels M. Schmidt et al.

2020.10.22 | Arctic Research Centre

Accounting for environmental variation in co-occurrence modelling reveals the importance of positive interactions in root-associated fungal communities

New publication by Nerea Abrego, Tomas Roslin, Tea Huotari, Ayco J. M. Tack, Björn D. Lindahl, Gleb Tikhonov, Panu Somervuo, Niels Martin Schmidt, Otso Ovaskainen

2020.10.22 | Arctic Research Centre

Birds of Greenland

New publication by David Martin Boertmann, Hans Meltofte, Anders Mosbech

2020.10.22 | Arctic Research Centre

Distribution of dinocyst assemblages in surface sediment samples from the West Greenland margin

New publication by Estelle Allan, Annede Vernal, Diana Krawczyk, Matthias Moros, Taoufik Radi, André Rochon, Marit-Solveig Seidenkrantz, Sébastien Zaragosi

2020.10.22 | Arctic Research Centre

Automatic image-based identification and biomass estimation of invertebrates

New publication by Johanna Ärje, Claus Melvad, Mads Rosenhøj Jeppesen, Sigurd Agerskov Madsen et al.

2020.10.22 | Arctic Research Centre

The Impact of Methane on Microbial Communities at Marine Arctic Gas Hydrate Bearing Sediment

New publication by Vincent Carrier, Mette M. Svenning, Friederike Gründger, Helge Niemann, Pierre-Antoine Dessandier, Giuliana Panieri and Dimitri Kalenitchenko

2020.10.22 | Arctic Research Centre

Subglacial Discharge and Its Down-Fjord Transformation in West Greenland Fjords With an Ice Mélange

New publication by John Mortensen, Søren Rysgaard, Jørgen Bendtsen, Kunuk Lennert, Torsten Kanzow, Henrik Lund, Lorenz Meire

2020.10.22 | Arctic Research Centre

Episodic Atlantic Water Inflow Into the Independence Fjord System (Eastern North Greenland) During the Holocene and Last Glacial Period

New publication by Nicolas Van Nieuwenhove, Audrey Limoges, Niels Nørgaard-Pedersen, Marit-Solveig Seidenkrantz, and Sofia Ribeiro

2020.10.22 | Arctic Research Centre

Biogenic silica concentration as a marine primary productivity proxy in the Holsteinsborg Dyb, West Greenland, during the last millennium

New publication by Longbin Sha, Dongling Li, Yanguang Liu, Bin Wu, Yanni Wu, Karen Luise Knudsen, Zhongqiao Li & Hao Xu

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