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2021.05.12 | Arctic Research Centre

Latitudinal patterns in intertidal ecosystem structure in West Greenland suggest resilience to climate change

New publication by Jakob Thyrring, Susse Wegeberg, Martin Blicher, et al.

2021.05.07 | Arctic Research Centre

Professor Signe Normand modtager EliteForsk-prisen 2021

Professor i biologi Signe Normand fra Arctic Research Centre ved Aarhus Universitet er blandt de fem modtagere af EliteForsk-prisen 2021. Samtidig er der EliteForsk rejsestipendier til seks ph.d.-studerende fra Aarhus Universitet – heraf to på henholdsvis Institut for Datalogi og Institut for Bioscience.

2021.05.06 | Arctic Research Centre

Environment and physiology shape Arctic ungulate population dynamics

New publication by Jean‐Pierre Desforges, Gonçalo M. Marques, Larissa T. Beumer, Marianna Chimienti, Lars H. Hansen, Stine Højlund Pedersen, Niels M. Schmidt, Floris M. van Beest

2021.05.06 | Arctic Research Centre

Accounting for species interactions is necessary for predicting how arctic arthropod communities respond to climate change

New publication by Nerea Abrego, Tomas Roslin, Tea Huotari, Yinqiu Ji, Niels Martin Schmidt, Jiaxin Wang, Douglas W. Yu, Otso Ovaskainen

2021.05.06 | Arctic Research Centre

Long-term patterns in winter habitat selection, breeding and predation in a density-fluctuating, high Arctic lemming population

New publication by Niels M. Schmidt, Floris M. van Beest, Angelique Dupuch, Lars H. Hansen, Jean-Pierre Desforges & Douglas W. Morris

2021.05.06 | Arctic Research Centre

Statistical upscaling of ecosystem CO2 fluxes across the terrestrial tundra and boreal domain: regional patterns and uncertainties.

New publication by Virkkala AM, Aalto J, Rogers BM et al.

2021.05.06 | Arctic Research Centre

Sentinel-1 time series for mapping snow cover and timing of snowmelt in Arctic periglacial environments: Case study from the Zackenberg Valley, Greenland

New publication by Sebastian Buchelt, Kirstine Skov, and Tobias Ullmann

2021.05.06 | Arctic Research Centre

Methane in Zackenberg Valley, NE Greenland: Multidecadal growing season fluxes of a high Arctic tundra

New publication by Johan H. Scheller, Mikhail Mastepanov, Hanne H. Christiansen, and Torben R. Christensen

2021.05.06 | Arctic Research Centre

Aerosols and their impacts on future Arctic climate change under different emission projections in the GISS-E2.1 Earth system model

New publication by Ulas Im, Kostas Tsigaridis, Gregory S. Faluvegi, Peter L. Langen, Joshua P. French, Rashed Mahmood, Thomas Manu, Knut von Salzen, Daniel C. Thomas, Cynthia H. Whaley, Zbigniew Klimont, Henrik Skov, and Jørgen Brandt

2021.05.06 | Arctic Research Centre

Quantifying energetic and fitness consequences of seasonal heterothermy in an Arctic ungulate

New publication by Jean‐Pierre Desforges, Floris M. van Beest, Gonçalo M. Marques, Stine H. Pedersen, Larissa T. Beumer, Marianna Chimienti, Niels Martin Schmidt

2021.05.06 | Arctic Research Centre

Dynamics of gaseous oxidized mercury at Villum Research Station during the High Arctic summer

New publication by Jakob Boyd Pernov, Bjarne Jensen, Andreas Massling, Daniel Charles Thomas, and Henrik Skov

2021.05.06 | Arctic Research Centre

Thermal adaptations of adults and eggs in the Arctic seed bug Nysius groenlandicus (Insecta: Hemiptera) from South Greenland

New publication by S. Bahrndorff, T. Alemu, T. N. Kristensen, M. H. Sørensen, T. T. Høye & M. Holmstrup

2021.05.06 | Arctic Research Centre

Climate-driven impacts of exotic species on marine ecosystems

New publication by Scott Bennett, Julia Santana‐Garcon, Núria Marbà, Gabriel Jorda, Andrea Anton, Eugenia T. Apostolaki, Just Cebrian, Nathan R. Gerald, Dorte Krause‐Jensen, Catherine E. Lovelock, Paulina Martinetto, John M. Pandolfi, Carlos M. Duarte

2021.05.05 | Arctic Research Centre

Pan-Arctic Ocean Primary Production Constrained by Turbulent Nitrate Fluxes

New publication by Achim Randelhoff, Johnna Holding, Markus Janout, Mikael Kristian Sejr, Marcel Babin, Jean-Éric Tremblay, and Matthew B. Alkire

2021.04.22 | Arctic Research Centre

Element cycling and aquatic function in a changing Arctic

New publication by Peter J. Hernes, Suzanne E. Tank, Mikael K. Sejr, Ronnie N. Glud

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