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2020.03.06 | Arctic Research Centre

Fulbright Arctic Initiative III – grants for interdisciplinary Arctic research

The Fulbright Arctic Initiative brings together professionals, practitioners, and researchers from the United States, Canada, The Kingdom of Denmark including Greenland and the Faroe Islands, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Russia and Sweden for group seminars and an individual exchange (minimum of 6 weeks) to address key research and policy questions…

2020.03.04 | Arctic Research Centre

ASSP - Sea Ice Ecology Course

The course will give you insight into and understanding of the most important physical and chemical parameters e.g. light availability, nutrients, salinity, inorganic and organic carbon dynamics and temperature fluctuations relevant for the structure and function of Arctic sea ice ecosystem. You will obtain skills to discuss how future changes in…

2020.02.24 | Arctic Research Centre

Arktisk Workshop om Forskning og Uddannelse

Invitation til Hindsgavl VI workshop 15. – 16. april 2020

2020.02.17 | Arctic Research Centre

An Updated View on Water Masses on the pan‐West Greenland Continental Shelf and Their Link to Proglacial Fjords

New publication by S. Rysgaard, W. Boone, D. Carlson, M. K. Sejr, J. Bendtsen, T. Juul‐Pedersen, H. Lund, L. Meire, and J. Mortensen

2020.02.17 | Arctic Research Centre

Arctic Sea Ice Ecology Seasonal Dynamics in Algal and Bacterial Productivity

New book by Lars Chresten Lund-Hansen, Dorte Haubjerg Søgaard, Brian Keith Sorrell, Rolf Gradinger, and Klaus Meiners

2020.02.10 | Arctic Research Centre

Will low primary production rates in the Amundsen Basin (Arctic Ocean) remain low in a future ice-free setting, and what governs this production?

New publication by Lars Chresten Lund-Hansen, Jørgen Bendtsen, Tanja Stratmann, Rasmus Tonboe, Steffen Malskær Olsen, Stiig Markager, Brian K. Sorrell

2020.01.28 | Arctic Research Centre

Green Edge ice camp campaigns: understanding the processes controlling the under-ice Arctic phytoplankton spring bloom

New publication by Philippe Massicotte, Rémi Amiraux, Marie-Pier Amyot, Philippe Archambault et al.

2020.01.27 | Arctic Research Centre

Macrophyte performance in a low arctic lake: effects of temperature, light and nutrients on growth and depth distribution

New publication by Lauridsen, Torben Linding; Mønster, Tina; Raundrup, Katrine; Nymand, Josephine; Olesen, Birgit

2020.01.27 | Arctic Research Centre

Microbial carbon and nitrogen processes in high-Arctic riparian soils

New publication by Pastor, Ada; Poblador, Sílvia; Skovsholt, Louis J.; Riis, Tenna

2020.01.27 | Arctic Research Centre

Monitoring fungal communities with the Global Spore Sampling Project.

New publication by Ovaskainen, Otso; Abrego, Nerea; Somervuo, P.; Palorinne, Isabella; Hardwick, Bess; Pitkänen, J.M.; Andrew, Nigel R.; Niklaus, Pascal Alex; Schmidt, Niels Martin; Seibold, Sebastian; Vogt, Juliane; Zakharov, Evgeny V.; Hebert, Paul; Roslin, Tomas; Ivanova, Natalia V.

2020.01.25 | Arctic Research Centre

Persistent organic pollutants in Greenlandic pregnant women and indices of foetal growth - The ACCEPT study

New publication by Hjermitslev, Marie Harthøj; Long, Manhai; Wielsøe, Maria; Bonefeld-Jørgensen, Eva C

2020.01.25 | Arctic Research Centre

SPIKEPIPE: A metagenomic pipeline for the accurate quantification of eukaryotic species occurrences and intraspecific abundance change using DNA barcodes or mitogenomes

New publication by Ji, Y.; Huotari, Tea; Roslin, Tomas; Schmidt, Niels Martin; Wang, J.; Yu, Douglas W.; Ovaskainen, Otso

2020.01.25 | Arctic Research Centre

Factors affecting global flow of scientific knowledge in environmental sciences

New publication by Sonne, Christian; Dietz, Rune; Alstrup, Aage Kristian Olsen

2020.01.24 | Arctic Research Centre

Distribution of dinocyst assemblages in surface sediment samples from the West Greenland margin

New publication by Allan, Estelle; de Vernal, Anne; Krawczyk, Diana; Moros, Matthias; Radi, Taoufik; Rochon, André; Seidenkrantz, Marit Solveig; Zaragosi, Sébastien

2020.01.24 | Arctic Research Centre

Decreasing diversity of rare bacterial subcommunities relates to dissolved organic matter along permafrost thawing gradients.

New publication by Zhou, Lei; Zhou, Yongqiang; Yao, Xiaolong; Cai, Jian; Liu, Xin; Tang, Xiangming; Zhang, Yunlin; Jang, Kyoung Soon; Jeppesen, Erik.

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