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The good, the evil and the cruel mines

ARC teaches in Nuuk

Director of Betoncentralen Knud-Erik Mogensen informs about initiatives introduced to reduce both dust and noise.
Anders Mosbech compares the recently published report Til gavn for Grønland (For the benefit of Greenland) with the new Greenland strategy for the mineral resources market.

Last week three ARC researchers, David Boertmann, Anders Mosbech and Lis Bach, visited Greenland to teach at the course “Management of Natural Resources” at University of Greenland, Ilisimatusarfik. The course was distributed over two weeks where Pingortitaleriffik (the Greenland Institute) treated living resources in the first week and ARC treated mineral resources in the second week. The course was aimed at social science students and 12 students from Bachelor to PhD level participated.

The course concerned Greenland’s way of conducting environmental management, including both exploration and mining, with examples from both present and past activities, such as 'the good, the evil and the cruel' mines where the good examples include today's now closed mines where environmental management was integrated from the outset. During the course week, a presentation was given by Lonnie Wilms, director of the recently established company Greenland Oilspill Response, and an excursion to the local mine – Betoncentralen’s quarries close to the city - as an example of simple mineral exploration with associated environmental regulation.