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2020.12.31 | Arctic Research Centre

Temperature–parasite interaction: do trematode infections protect against heat stress?

New publication by Christian Selbach, Martin Barsøe, Trine K. Vogensen, Anne B. Samsing, Kim N. Mouritsen

2020.12.31 | Arctic Research Centre

Changes in hydrology affects stream nutrient uptake and primary production in a high-Arctic stream

New publication by Louis J. Skovsholt, Ada Pastor, Catherine L. Docherty, Alexander M. Milner & Tenna Riis

2020.12.16 | Arctic Research Centre

Ph.d.- og postdoc-stipendier for 2021

Grønlands Naturinstitut indkalder unge forskere fra alle videnskabelige hovedområder til en ny ansøgningsrunde om ph.d.- og postdoc-stipendier.

2020.12.15 | Arctic Research Centre

Mapping the in situ microspatial distribution of ice algal biomass through hyperspectral imaging of sea-ice cores

New publication by Emiliano Cimoli, Vanessa Lucieer, Klaus M. Meiners, Arjun Chennu, Katerina Castrisios, Ken G. Ryan, Lars Chresten Lund-Hansen, Andrew Martin, Fraser Kennedy & Arko Lucieer