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2020.11.30 | Arctic Research Centre

A Marine Biodiversity Observation Network for Genetic Monitoring of Hard-Bottom Communities (ARMS-MBON)

New publication by Matthias Obst, Katrina Exter, A. Louise Allcock et al.

2020.11.30 | Arctic Research Centre

The story of endurance: Biogeography and the evolutionary history of four Holarctic butterflies with different habitat requirements

New publication by Jana Maresova, Alena Suchackova Bartonova, Martin Konvicka, Toke T. Høye, Olivier Gilg, Jean‐Claude Kresse, Nazar A. Shapoval, Roman V. Yakovlev, Zdenek Faltynek Fric

2020.11.30 | Arctic Research Centre

Effects of increased irradiance on biomass, photobiology, nutritional quality, and pigment composition of Arctic sea ice algae

New publication by Lars Chresten Lund-Hansen, Ian Hawes, Kasper Hancke, Nicole Salmansen, Johanne Raakjær Nielsen, Laura Balslev, Brian K. Sorrell

2020.11.30 | Arctic Research Centre

Potential Rhodopsin- and Bacteriochlorophyll-Based Dual Phototrophy in a High Arctic Glacier

New publication by Yonghui Zeng,Xihan Chen, Anne Mette Madsen, Athanasios Zervas, Tue Kjærgaard Nielsen, Adrian-Stefan Andrei, Lars Chresten Lund-Hansen, Yongqin Liu, Lars Hestbjerg Hansen

2020.11.20 | Arctic Research Centre

Towards a unifying pan-arctic perspective: A conceptual modelling toolkit

New publication by P. Wassmann, E.C. Carmack, B.A. Bluhm, C.M. Duarte J. Berge, K. Brown, fJ.M. Grebmeier J. Holding, K. Kosobokova, R. Kwok, P. Matrai, S. Agusti, M. Babin, U. Bhatt, H. Eicken, I. Polyakovo, S. Rysgaard, H.P. Huntington

2020.11.20 | Arctic Research Centre

Submit your photo now: The DNRF Photo Competition 2021 is open

Photos have the ability to unseal the world of science in a surprising and inviting way by its beauty or otherwise fascinating appeal. The DNRF would like to share with a broader audience how scientific discovery each day advances our knowledge of ourselves and the world we live in. We will do this by telling the stories of your scientific…

2020.11.16 | Arctic Research Centre

Heated rivalries: Phenological variation modifies competition for pollinators among arctic plants

New publication by Mikko Tiusanen, Tuomas Kankaanpää, Niels M. Schmidt, Tomas Roslin

2020.11.06 | Arctic Research Centre

KONG OSCAR FJORD - discovering North-East Greenland

New publication by Peter Schmidt Mikkelsen