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2019.05.23 | Arctic Research Centre

Letters Nunavut's ill-advised hunting proposal

New publication by Christian Sonne, Aage K. O. Alstrup, Bjørn Munro Jenssen, Rune Dietz.

2019.05.23 | Arctic Research Centre

Mucous cell responses to contaminants and parasites in shorthorn sculpins (Myoxocephalus scorpius) from a former lead‑zinc mine in West Greenland

New publication by Mai Dang, Karin Pittman, Lis Bach, Christian Sonne, Sophia V. Hansson, Jens Søndergaard, Megan Stride, Barbara Nowak

2019.05.23 | Arctic Research Centre

Key indicators of Arctic climate change: 1971–2017

New publication by Jason E Box, William T Colgan, Torben Røjle Christensen, Niels Martin Schmidt et al

2019.05.23 | Arctic Research Centre

Accumulation of Short-, Medium-, and Long-Chain Chlorinated Paraffins in Marine and Terrestrial Animals from Scandinavia

New publication by Bo Yuan, Katrin Vorkamp, Anna Maria Roos, Suzanne Faxneld, Christian Sonne, Svend Erik Garbus, Ylva Lind, Igor Eulaers, Peter Hellström, Rune Dietz, Sara Persson, Rossana Bossi, Cynthia A. de Wit

2019.05.23 | Arctic Research Centre

Abundance and species diversity hotspots of tracked marine predators across the North American Arctic

New publication by David J. Yurkowski, Marie Auger‐Méthé, Mark L. Mallory et al

2019.05.09 | Arctic Research Centre

Biologer på skydebanen

Forleden var et hold biologer fra Arktisk Forskningscenter på kursus. Ikke et kursus i hvordan man f.eks. kører hundeslæde eller snescooter – men i praktisk brug af en riffel i ødemarken. Kurset, som blev afholdt af Danmarks Jægerforbund, var en del af forberedelserne til en række feltstudier i Grønland, hvor risikoen for at møde isbjørne i disse…

2019.05.07 | Arctic Research Centre

Laboratorietekniker til Arktisk Forskningscenter, Aarhus Universitet

Arktisk Forskningscenter (ARC), Institut for Bioscience, Aarhus Universitet (AU), søger pr. 1. juni 2019 eller snarest derefter en laboratorietekniker eller anden med relevant uddannelse. Arbejdsstedet er Institutfor Bioscience, Ny Munkegade 114, Aarhus 8000C.

2019.04.26 | Arctic Research Centre

ARICE2019 Call for Ship-time proposals - NOW OPEN!!

We are now inviting you to submit ship-time proposals requesting access to MSV Fennica, RV Kronprins Haakon and IB Oden to carry out ship-based research activities within any field of marine science in the Arctic Ocean (restrictions may apply, check the specific access conditions for each vessel and vessel descriptions).

2019.04.26 | Arctic Research Centre


Dear NOW conference participants We are very delighted to present the North Water Polynya White Paper that we have put together from all the extended abstracts that we received following the conference. The white paper is introduced by bringing the reader up to date on the scientific history of the polynya with links to the relevant…

2019.04.25 | Arctic Research Centre

Summer Mesozooplankton Biomass Distribution in the West Spitsbergen Current (2001–2014)

New publication by Jacob Carstensen, Anna Olszewska and Slawomir Kwasniewski

2019.04.23 | Arctic Research Centre

An affordable and portable autonomous surface vehicle with obstacle avoidance for coastal ocean monitoring

New publication by Daniel F.Carlson, Alexander Fürsterling, Lasse Vesterled, Mathias Skovby, Simon Sejer Pedersen, Claus Melvad, Søren Rysgaard.

2019.04.23 | Arctic Research Centre

Killer whales call for further protection

New publication by Rune Dietz, Christian Sonne, Jean-Pierre Desforges, Igor Eulaers, Robert J. Letcher, Paul D. Jepson

2019.04.23 | Arctic Research Centre

Evidence of Freezing Pressure in Sea Ice Discrete Brine Inclusions and Its Impact on Aqueous-Gaseous Equilibrium

New publication by O. Crabeck, R. J. Galley, L. Mercury, B. Delille, J. L. Tison, S. Rysgaard

2019.04.23 | Arctic Research Centre

Age and seasonal variation in testis and baculum morphology in East Greenland polar bears (Ursus maritimus) in relation to high concentrations of persistent organic pollutants

New publication by Ellinor Spörndly-Nees, Lena Holm, Floris M. van Beest, Elisabeth Ekstedt, Robert Letcher, Ulf Magnusson, Jean Pierre Desforges, Rune Dietz, Christian Sonne.

2019.04.18 | Arctic Research Centre

ArcticNet funding renewed for 5 years

On Tuesday, funding for ArcticNet was renewed at a level of $32,475,000 over five years. This extension will provide an opportunity for the Network to develop beyond the Networks of Centres of Excellence program and morph into a perennial pan-Canadian research powerhouse that will match the research effort of any other nation in the Arctic.…

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